lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2013

First post

So, I guess this is my first post. I've finally managed to get a grip of myself and I created this blog. This is something that I should've done long time ago.

"So, what is this about?"

Well, purpose of this blog is to showcase my game and the purpose of the game is to improve myself as a programmer. I've been programming for few months now and this is first game that may get finished if I have enough motivation.

What's the game about?

This game is fantasy-FPS-dungeon-crawling-RPG  ( Oh god, so big project for the first game :(  )
If I manage to finish the first phase, then I may add Mount&Blade like world map mode.

I haven't named this game yet, for now I'm calling it Project Mahti.

At the moment I'm working on a dungeon-generator. Currently I'm satisfied with dungeon layout and I'm planning decor -generator that decorates my dungeons. My dungeon's theme is castle at this point, but I'm planning to create new generators that will create caves, cities and MAYBE at some point it creates outdoor areas.

Anyway,  my short term goals for newt weeks are to get this decor-generator to work.

Here are some screenshots from my dungeons.

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