tiistai 29. lokakuuta 2013

Small Update:

I've been working on AI and Combat, currently AI seems to be in pretty good shape, considering that its still in early alpha.

Here is a small video demonstration about AI vs AI, it shows how NPC's are reacting to other NPC's attacks and movements .

Here is a small sample of hit detection that I'm using with my melee system

Green lines represents hitdetection lines that hit nothing. Red lines represents that your weapon hit something. Currently models are using only one collider but at some point there will be more colliders for different body parts.

Realm UI

This is UI where player controls following things:
- Unit building
- Building construction
- Diplomacy
- Armies / Parties


I've been working  on a citygenerator. Citygenerator uses modified BSP Dungeon Generation -technique to create cities.

Here is an examples of cities that it will produce.

Generator uses building templates to create appropriate buildings for different sized chunks of city.
There are ~150 different sized and shaped templates for buildings that will be used in city creation.

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